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JillWelch is Chief Operating Officer and Economist with Elliott D. Pollack andCompany, an economic and real estate consulting firm based in Scottsdale,Arizona.  Elliott D. Pollack and Companyserves a broad client base of both public and private sector entities thatrange from law firms and real estate developers to school districts and utilitycompanies.  The firm maintains the mostcomprehensive economic database in Arizona, allowing it to accurately conducteconomic forecasting, develop economic impact studies and prepare demographicanalyses and forecasts. Ms.Welch specializes in preparing economic and fiscal impact models andforecasting assignments.  Her expertiseincludes assessing the effective impact of economic development on thefinancial wellbeing of local, county and state governments.  She has proven analytical, planning andorganizational skills coupled with the ability to communicate effectively inboth the domestic and international market place.

Ms.Welch has served on behalf of Elliott D. Pollack & Company as the co-project manager for Maricopa County’s Budget Office since 1998.  She is responsible for the creation of theeconometric model utilized in revenue forecasting for each major revenuesource.  In addition, in her capacity asan analyst at Elliott D. Pollack & Company, she produced the Economic andFiscal Impact Model utilized by the firm and created an interactive website,  The models arecustomized applications and calculate the economic and fiscal impact ofbusiness locates in selected areas.  Inaddition, Ms. Welch is past president of the Arizona Economic Roundtable.

From1994 through 1996, Ms. Welch served as support specialist and economic analystfor First Interstate Bank’s six-state Southwest Region, including Arizona,Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. At the bank she planned and systematized linked databases for variousinternational and domestic indicators, which served as a basis for organizing aprinting and distribution plan for a monthly publication.

Ms.Welch has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and an InternationalBusiness Certificate from Arizona State University.