City of Sedona Employee Housing Survey
The City of Sedona has retained Elliott D. Pollack & Company of Scottsdale to prepare a Housing Needs Assessment and Action Plan that will address affordable housing in the City. As part of the Assessment, an online survey will be conducted of persons who work within the City limits to determine the need for affordable housing and where it might be found today in the Verde Valley. In conjunction with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and businesses in the community, we are requesting your participation in the survey to better understand the availability of affordable housing. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and individual responses will not be revealed to any employer or business.

Please take ten minutes to answer the following questions. Please limit responses to one person per household. Your responses will be immensely important to addressing the housing needs of persons working the Sedona. Thank you for your participation.
Work Environment
1.   In what type of business are you currently employed?

2.   In what community, city, or town do you reside?

3.   Approximately how many miles do you commute from your residence to your place of work in Sedona?
4.   How many minutes does it take you to commute to work?
5.   How do you normally get to work?

   If "Other", please specify:
6.   What type of employee are you?

7.   Are you a seasonal employee, planning to only work in Sedona for a season or two?

8.   How long have you worked in Sedona?

9.   Do you plan on continuing to work in Sedona for the future?

Housing Situation
10.   How many years have you lived in the Sedona area or nearby communities?
11.   What type of residence do you live in?

12.   How many years have you lived in your present home?
13.   Do you rent or own your residence?

13a.   If you rent, what is the monthly rent for your household?
13b.   If you own your residence, what is your monthly housing cost (mortgage payment, property taxes, property insurance)?
14.   How satisfied are you with your current housing situation?

15.   What do you like or dislike about your current housing condition?
16.   If you are a renter, do you plan on purchasing a home in the Sedona or Verde Valley area in the next two years?

17.   As a lifestyle choice, which do you prefer, homeownership or renting?

18.   If you prefer homeownership and are currently renting, what are the obstacles preventing you from purchasing a home? (Check all that apply).

19.   How would you describe the physical condition of your current residence?

20.   If affordable housing was available in Sedona, would you be interested in living in the City?

20a.   If you answered “No”, why would you not want to live in Sedona?
21.   Are you planning on moving from Sedona and the Verde Valley for any of the following reasons? (Check all that apply).

About You
22.   Are you:

23.   What is your age?
24.   How many persons live in your household, including yourself?
25.   For statistical purposes, what was your annual household income for 2018?
26.   What best describes your household income?

Please provide any additional comments regarding housing in the Sedona and Verde Valley area.